Compact 100 (Volume 2) - Management Jargon Simplified
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Short book
- A Challenge for the Author… pleasure for the Readers!

While perusing business reports or management books/articles etc. one is often baffled with the meanings of many a common term used therein, which impedes proper comprehension of the idea/point sought to be conveyed in them. It constitutes a semantic barrier in communication. The book under review is an attempt by the author to decode such common lexicon. - Dr. K.R.S

He has defined both common and complex management concepts and terms in just 100 words, and that too beautifully. - Wg Cdr DP Sabharwal

It is especially useful for people in the corporate world. It also educates students and aspirants who would soon be joining the industrial/commercial fraternity. - Satadal

This book explains the various terms that an individual should know for better management in any organization. Very informative for senior school or college students or anyone interested in business jargon.- Seema

This small book opens the door to the terminology of business/management jargon you come across in the management world of modern business every day. It gives you access to the introduction to these terms for a fair understanding, well beyond a drab definition. Yes, lots and lots can be and must have been written for each of these words. People neither have the time nor a need to go into so much depth. What is there in-between? This guide will give you an understanding that is good enough to move ahead with the desired comfort level.

The A-Z terms find a place in the alphabetically arranged complete series spread over five volumes. It is neither possible nor intended to include all the management terms in these volumes like a dictionary. However, if you come across a term/word, which you feel, should be here, please do write to the author. All efforts will be made to include them and update the books accordingly.

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