Balanced Score Card Implementation

Performance measurement has always been a matter of intensive research. Balanced Score Card has been the result of a deep study conducted with a belief that conventional performance measurement approach - primarily relying on financial accounting measures alone, was not enough indicator of real and sustainable performance.

When introduced during 1990-92, Balanced Scorecard was hailed as one of the 75 most influential ideas of the twentieth century. Ashok Grover has undertaken to use this powerful tool in a very simple, practical way so that the organizations achieve all the great benefits associated with this tool without involving huge costs and complexities.

Ashok Grover inimitable approach to Balanced Score card implementation can lead to:

  • Setting of superior targets for the organization in line with its vision / long term objectives.
  • Cascading down the scorecards in alignment with organization goals.
  • Objective measurement criteria, which acts as a motivation to perform.
  • Role clarities of the people involved.
  • Open communication focused on performance improvement.
  • Elimination of perceptions-based appraisals.
  • Focus on real performance rather than hunt for reasons.

You need to see to believe how our approach can transform your organization. Why Delay?