DISC Psychometric Profiling

DISC provides an accurate insight into a personality from three angle:
  • The natural profile of an individual,
  • How it gets modified in the work environment, and
  • The changes occurring in their behavior when subject to pressure conditions.
The standard offering is customized by Ashok Grover to address specific requirements, such as:
Selection Of The Best Fit Out Of A Pool Of Candidates,
Development Of The People In The Organization, And
Enhancing Effectiveness Of Business Owners.
DISC can help organizations in:
  • Selection of the right people.
  • Boost motivation.
  • Building effective teams.
  • Track performance.
  • Evaluating people for development / promotion / succession planning.
  • Pinpoint precisely the areas for development to have the maximum impact on your business.
  • Resolve team issues.
  • Gauge people motivation and morale to take corrective steps.

Ashok Grover offers its personalized services backed by years of experience in analyzing thousands of profiles.
For specific queries, please get in touch with us.